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Hey, thanks for your articles and the site for Pacers! I am very excited to see Pacers getting to Game 7. I knew they can do it. This game will particularly hard 'cause its Pacers vs Knicks + refs. There is no way they give us the 50/50 calls (look at game 1). As i see the whole ESPN (&others) want to see knicks in ECF. Pacers don't get no respect from them at all! And its not the unstable, excited clown mr.Smith who bothers me ( i know for 10 years who he roots for), but the others are just not giving credit and respect (by being quiet) for pacers, no comments about what they are doing right. It is all about Brunson , Hart and italian guy, bla bla bla.

We have a fully qualified team to take on the Celtics, very deep, fighters, great scorers but no...

I wish i witness a very close win for the Pacers that will silence the crowd and all sports channels experts and see i will see tears in their eyes after that final game. :P

Go Pacers! :D

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