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I wish to publicly (like they'll see it!) apologize to the Pacers Big Men that i have disparaged as weak and ineffective in previous posts.

That has changed!

I don't what's gotten into Myles Turner and Isiah Jackson but they suddenly seem to have discovered their "fight" mode and are much better than years previous. Jalen is shooting it lights out, and this was all happening before we added Siakam.

I said it before he traded that Aaron Nesmith needed to be on the floor for us. Bruce Brown was his equal but making x3 as much and one of them sat. Now he can play all the crunch minutes he's earned without having to guard guys way bigger than himself, AND we've got another piece at a position we were woefully weak at.

Hated giving 3 picks AND Brown, but for this year, game changer potentially.

THis team could/should be scary come playoffs. (get healthy Hali, get healthy Hali, get healthy Hali...._)

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Serious question: If they trade Myles right now, would they really miss anything if Stix became the starting center?

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