I’m going to politely disagree, Tom. Pacers energy and effort was awful from the jump. All of them after the game, including Carlisle, notes that they simply did not bring the effort. That’s inexcusable. Clearly, the 4 days off was a significant factor. I’m not disputing that Orlando’s size doesn’t cause problems, but that’s not why they got crushed last night. The Magic brought effort and the Pacers didn’t. It’s that simple. That, and Carlisle cannot coach defense right now to save his life.

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Though he's more raw than I'd thought (1 yr college!) going to HAVE to go to Walker sooner rather than later I think.

D baby ;)

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Not any shorter than Orlando if Toppin is playing................

If too short because Toppin can't guard his mother, then Yeah, it's a problem.

Fact is we've HAD to play small ball, just like last year, because Toppin is nowhere to be found.

Glad he found some offense, but he's pitiful on D.

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Again, what did you (or the coaching staff) expect from Toppin? He isn’t a good defender. It’s just not his game. Everyone who watched him play in NY knew this. If Tom Thibodeau couldn’t get Toppin to improve his defense, why would Rick Carlisle succeed? Thibodeau is a far superior defensive coach than Carlisle. I don’t think Toppin is a hopeless defender, but expecting him to become good after only 12 games in a Pacers uni just isn’t realistic.

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it's called effort. it's called working at your craft.

Isn't a good defender? No, doesn't WORK at being a good defender.

They wouldn't have traded for a one dimensional player and you know it. ;)

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He can still be helpful. Off the bench. Starting and important stretch minutes require a player that works at defense.

Playing 6'5" guys at 4 and getting whipped in the paint (AGAIN) while Toppin sits tells you what coach Carlisle thinks about it. Hint: it's a lot closer to what I think than you.

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MLB, I seriously thought of you last night while the Pacers opted not to play any defense of any kind against the Hawks despite sending Toppin to the bench. Starting Hield does not reinforce the notion that defense is the priority for Carlisle and company.

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Nov 22, 2023·edited Nov 22, 2023

when you have a number of guys that can't/won't work at defense you've got a problem. Turner for all his shot blocking prowess is a weak center that can't hold his ground against half the centers in the league. Most of the time the big time centers destroy him.

Then you've got ZERO help from your 4 guy in that area. Now your back to playing a 6'5" swingman at 4 because Toppins so bad there.

Soft center, tiny 4 guy or no D 4 guy. take your pick it's not pretty.

Haliburton is beginning to be exposed a bit on the defensive end as well and is going to have to expend more energy there as well.

Mathurin is another disaster defensively. Yikes. That's 4 weak defenders out of 5 starters.

Nesmith and Brown are solid. As is Nembhard. J Walker will be if he's not already.

I guess you missed the multiple discussions with coach/es where they discussed the necessity of improving defensively to break through.

That's ok, you're going to see it proved out in real time.

Hield is likely playing to try to re-create the trade value they thought they had with him. He needs to get his numbers closer to his career avg to get a contender to anty up for him.

Or maybe Mathurin is the 2nd guy benched for not playing D.

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