Dec 19, 2023·edited Dec 19, 2023

The Pacers are so overmatched up front. And back to playing a 3 and D swingman at power forward........ that's just sad. Play Walker at least.

I think they should have kept the guy they drafted........... hoping this isn't another Kwahi

Felt like they were winning by giving 110%. And now with injuries that isn't enough any more. And they seem worn down since the Lakers and others started beating on them.

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I so fundamentally disagree with how the Pacers are managing their roster, especially Shep and Walker. While players like Coulibaly, Podziemski, and even Jackson-Davis are seeing meaningful minutes and making big contributions, Walker is not given time on the court. Why? So we can use players like Hield to win? It’s frustrating when coaches and FOs don’t take a true long term approach.

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