Pacers Celebrate Mother's Day


Happy Mother's Day mom! I love you!

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Paul George took to Instagram today to saw happy Mother's Day and that he loved her. Fellow Pacers George Hill, Solomon Hill, Ian Mahimni, and others also used Instagram to say Happy Mother's Day to their moms.

PG Drives the Pace Car


If you're in Indy today, watch for this #GPofINDY pace car around town. @ygtrece is behind the wheel today.

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Paul George was driving the Indy 500 "Pace" Car around Indy today. The Pacers posted a picture saying to look out for him.

George Hill Goes Blonde


Finished....... Big S/O TO @sleetzy

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Pacers PG George Hill surprised many fans today with the announcement and picture of him dying his hair blonde. The Hometown Hero said in an earlier post teasing his followers "Time for a change".

Paul George Wins Fishing Competition


Fishing continues to be a preferred offseason activity for many Pacers players, especially for All-Star wing Paul George. George posted to Instagram yesterday claiming he won a bass catching competition against his friend Jacob Wheeler.

Myles Turner?


A lot of buzz is going around the Pacers drafting Myles Turner with the 11th pick at least from DraftExpress and other NBA mock draft sources. What do you guys think?

Pacers Could Draft Reggie Miller-esque Player after Winning Draft Tiebreaker


The Pacers announced that they have won the draft lottery tiebreaker over the Utah Jazz for the 11th pick in the draft. Notable number 11 picks include Reggie Miller and Klay Thompson.

The C in Cj stands for Chewbacca


Call now!!!!!!

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CJ Watson posted this hilarious photo to his Instagram, letting the world know to let out their inner Chewbacca. And perhaps you'll win some Coachella tickets too.



Here is PG checking in for his first minutes of the season

PG-13, Paul George's new number


Over the past years Paul George has always worn 24 a nod to Kobe, however he has changed to 13, in a ploy to be catchy with the phrase PG-13. Welcome back PG-13, not PG-24