Myles Turner covered by ESPN


a nice write up about our rookie.

All-Time Pacers Team


Here's a detailed post on the all-time Pacers team - what do you guys think? Any glaring omissions?

2015-2016 Pacers predicted depth chart


Here's an article about the lineup for the upcoming season. It goes into each position and talks about the new additions the Pacers made. It also has the lineup at the bottom and has the bench lineup as well. Here's the link tot he article -

Another addition


Pacers sign Glenn Robinson III

PG showing off in Manila


PG looking good on this between the legs dunk.

Monta have it all...except a contract


Lowe later tweeted, "In other words, Monta will sign w/ Indy. Things will be fine. DEN got slammed for screwing up Faried's contract, but it happens to others."

Myles Turner is Orlando Summer League's #1 Stud


Myles Turner is turning heads everywhere! Great pick Larry Bird!

Myles Turner showing his soggy side at the Fieldhouse


Rookie Myles Turner showed he may have some stretch-5 potential during his practice with the Pacers on Wednesday.

Lance Dealt to LA


It didn't work out with the Hornets, good luck in LA Lance!