Reggie and Cheryl in High School


I was rooting around on ebay and found this, a yearbook from 1979 featuring our favorite brother-sister basketball combination. the price is a bit steep IMO.

Sources Say That Brackett Is Fine: Open Thread

Mike Chappell's story eases my nerves about last night's game quite a bit. Here's an open thread while you try to figure out who is getting cut next weekend.

The REAL Open Thread of Open Threads

Maybe a new thread will convince you all to entertain me during my Physics class. And yes, I had to tick off CH by one-upping him on the title.

Granger, Gordon Both Make Final Team USA Roster


Rajon Rondo was cut or withdrew from Team USA depending on which semantics you prefer. Regardless the final 12-man roster is set for the FIBA World Championships and includes both Danny Granger and Eric Gordon.

Pacers Team Dreamin' on


Our idea for how the Pacers can bring it home in 2010-2011

The Open Thread of Open Threads

Go Indiana sports except for Purdue and IU!

Collison Thought He Was a Pacer Earlier in the Summer


On a slow day, here's something to chew on. I wonder how much earlier this was in the summer.

Pacers interested in Louis Amundson


Seems the Warriors, Hornets and Pacers are all interested in Louis Amundson, who still remains unsigned. Pacers would like to get another PF after dealing Troy Murphy, sure, but Amundson essentially seems to be a shorter Jeff Foster, or? hmmmm..... if they sign him, I wonder what they are doing with Jeff.....

Congrats to Dr. Gizzardfanny: Open Thread

Congrats to Gizzardfanny, who just received her PhD in chemistry yesterday. Oh, and enjoy the open thread and stuff.

Details Surface on Stephenson


Lance Stephenson supposedly not only pushed his girlfriend down the stairs but proceeded to slam her head into the bottom step. Just lovely, Lance. Larry Bird has not ruled on Lance Stephenson's future, but has issued hard statements on the occurrence.