Thad Young traded to Indy for 20th pick in 2016 Draft and future 2nd rounder


What it’s going to cost for the Lakers to acquire Paul George


With the rumors flying that the Pacers are interested in a total franchise tear down, the vultures are beginning to circle the roster with offers for Indy’s top talent. Frank Vogel has no certainty about his future with the team, and the Pacers greatest asset, Paul George, could bring back a king’s ransom. The Lakers have been looking to land their next great star for the last 4 offseasons, their only successful transaction being the acquisition of Dwight Howard, but that scenario fell flat on its’ face when Howard opted for Houston. However, the Lakers have kept their nose to the grind and drafted high upside, young assets that have shown promise, and the rest of the league has taken notice. But what would it take to get Paul George to Los Angeles? Lets take a look at some potential trades:

Myles Turner covered by ESPN


a nice write up about our rookie.

All-Time Pacers Team


Here's a detailed post on the all-time Pacers team - what do you guys think? Any glaring omissions?

2015-2016 Pacers predicted depth chart


Here's an article about the lineup for the upcoming season. It goes into each position and talks about the new additions the Pacers made. It also has the lineup at the bottom and has the bench lineup as well. Here's the link tot he article -

Another addition


Pacers sign Glenn Robinson III

PG showing off in Manila


PG looking good on this between the legs dunk.

Monta have it all...except a contract


Lowe later tweeted, "In other words, Monta will sign w/ Indy. Things will be fine. DEN got slammed for screwing up Faried's contract, but it happens to others."