Pacers Rookie Alize Johnson to fund new basketball courts in his hometown.


Alize Johnson provided basketball sneakers for his high school and other local schools. Now he's picking up the tab on new basketball courts at the park where he learned the game in his hometown of Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The Ringer has found "The Pacers’ Path to NBA Relevance"


Why does the first suggestion in this article not surprise me? And why does it make me so angry?

What is Monta's fate?


"INDIANA PACERS – Full Record (20-18) / Since Last Time (10-7) Resolution: Bring Monta Ellis off the bench or trade him. The wheels may already be in motion on this one, with Ellis playing off the bench since returning from injury. However, keeping things that way and making sure everyone is happy is a completely different beast (just ask Knight & the Suns). Ellis’ minutes have taken a dip since the move to the bench and the ego hit to have someone like Glenn Robinson III starting over you would not be easy for anyone. If the Pacers can make this work, then it will be great for their 16/17 playoff aspirations. If they can’t, they need to trade Ellis before he kills his own value."

Off Season Report


Hi All, Would love some Pacers fans thought on this. thanks!

Thad Young traded to Indy for 20th pick in 2016 Draft and future 2nd rounder


What it’s going to cost for the Lakers to acquire Paul George


With the rumors flying that the Pacers are interested in a total franchise tear down, the vultures are beginning to circle the roster with offers for Indy’s top talent. Frank Vogel has no certainty about his future with the team, and the Pacers greatest asset, Paul George, could bring back a king’s ransom. The Lakers have been looking to land their next great star for the last 4 offseasons, their only successful transaction being the acquisition of Dwight Howard, but that scenario fell flat on its’ face when Howard opted for Houston. However, the Lakers have kept their nose to the grind and drafted high upside, young assets that have shown promise, and the rest of the league has taken notice. But what would it take to get Paul George to Los Angeles? Lets take a look at some potential trades: