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Damian Lillard tops Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield in 3-Point Contest

Both of Indiana’s shooters made the final round, but couldn’t top Portland’s Damian Lillard.

2023 NBA All Star - Starry 3-Point Contest Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images

It was a heartbreaking finish for both of the Indiana Pacers’ 3-Point Contest representatives, falling in the finals to Damian Lillard. Lillard won the competition on his final shot, hitting his corner money ball to edge Buddy Hield 26-25. To that point, it was a great showing for both Hield and Tyrese Haliburton, with Haliburton setting the first round record in the process.

Following a 20-point opening round from Jayson Tatum, Haliburton took the stage, coming out on fire. He would finish scoring 31 points in the opening round, hitting both of the Starry branded balls, each worth three points, and the final four of his money ball rack.

Buddy Hield followed immediately after, scoring 23. It wasn’t quite the performance Haliburton put on, but it proved to be lasting as the following competitors failed to reach that threshold, only getting a 20-point round from Lauri Markannen that clinched both Hield’s spot in the finals before Lillard stepped up, scoring 26 in his first round.

In the finals, Hield shot first, putting together a solid 25-point round by hitting four of his five money rack balls. Unfortunately, he missed both of the Starry branded balls, which would prove detrimental as Lillard stepped up for his second round.

Lillard wasn’t lights out in the final round, but he did hit both of the Starry branded balls, which proved the difference on the final rack, hitting his final four threes, including the money ball, finishing with 26.

Perhaps Haliburton had sat too long, being the second shooter in the first round and final shooter in the finals, but he struggled to get going in his second round, only getting going once he was unable to reach Lillard’s point total, finishing with a round low 17.

Reggie Miller predicted beforehand that both Hield and Haliburton would make the finals. Perhaps that was a touch of homerism, but it played out that way. The Pacers win he predicted did not come through however, though to be fair, he did shift his prediction to Lillard during the event.

Haliburton and Lillard will each take the court tomorrow night in the All-Star Game, following the G-League All-Star Game, featuring both Gabe York and Trevelin Queen.