Very disappointing.........

This is being written because of the disappointment that exists because of the situation in which ICR finds itself. My involvement with the Pacers goes back to the smoke filled fairgrounds Coliseum, Neto's Bar, and Mel Daniel's attempts to be a barrel racer. Even before ICR when Tom scribbled Pacers news on the backs of envelopes and circulated said envelopes in his neighborhood. Having fondly watched players, coaches, and front office staff , and even an arena (Market Square) come and go with the one constant in later years being ICR. Watching Tom build a first class business and providing it free of charge to all interested parties and seeing Nathan and Caitlin progress into very professional and polished writers has provided an immense amount of pleasure.

I must admit some misgivings when Tom first associated the publication with VOX because of their reputation but I knew that I wasn't privy to any of the details so I learned to accept it. Maybe ICR is just another victim of the "small market" image of Indianapolis but I suspect something more nefarious.

As you have probably suspected I am a really old f#cker and old people don't like change. Especially change that has no positive or redeeming qualities. Since I now live several hundred miles away and only get back to Indiana for funerals and when racing at Hoosier Park, I especially resent losing one of my last connections to the Pacers and the area.

Finally, in closing I would like to thank Tom Lewis for all you have done and please know that you are appreciated.