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Bennedict Mathurin ‘all in’ with Pacers

The Pacers rookie shared his story in The Players Tribune.

2022 NBA Rookie Photo Shoot Photo by Michael J. LeBrecht II/NBAE via Getty Images

Pacers rookie guard Bennedict Mathurin has quite a story to tell and that’s even before he’s played a minute of NBA basketball.

While Mathurin is just 20 years old, his journey to this point already has a lifetime of ups and downs that has developed his drive to succeed at the highest level. The rook shared his story in a recent The Players Tribune piece, making sure everyone in Indy knows, he’s planning to deliver on all of his promise for the Pacers.

No, for real: just GET READY!! Because I’m a guy who wants to win badly, and who’s going to figure out a way to win no matter what. So that’s what’s in all of our futures, I’d say: hustling, and competing, and WINNING.

Those three things, that’s what I’m coming here to do.

Mathurin’s journey officially starts next week when the Pacers start training camp at the St. Vincent Center downtown. GM Chad Buchanan recently described Mathurin as ‘wound tight’ which he explained as a guy who has to leave the gym for a minute to cool off after losing an otherwise meaningless pick up game. That competitive fire burns bright at all times and the TPT essay confirms that mindset along with offering some background on where that desire to compete comes from.

Make sure you read the whole thing and it will be impossible to not root hard for 00.