How much better is Murray than Liddel?

Someone used the term "Rando" on the post concerning the Pacer's big board being set. The person was referring to someone who has not been a contributor, giving their opinion about the Pacer pick, or trade of the pick if that is the case. I fall smack dab into that category. I'm out of market and seldom get to see the team play, even less now that they are not making the playoffs. I do follow college a little more, as I am able to watch all of the Purdue and Butler games, along with the Madness.

From what I am seeing, there seems to be a consensus that Murray has a strong chance of being our guy at #6. I wouldn't hate it, as we definitely need to balance out the front court. I'm just of the opinion that EJ Liddell may be the better pro, and offer the opportunity to gain an asset by moving down.

I see some Draymond Green in him? Team leader, more scorer than shooter (although he got better at the 3s each year), tough defender, board eater, and general stat stuffer.

In an era where the presence of 3 guys on the front court, standing 6'10" or better is no longer common, let alone effective, how about a jack of all trades or glue-guy?

I wouldn't want to move lower than 15, but I'd think the price for someone to move up nearly 10 spots might be a pretty good player or asset.

Anyway, that is my Rando observation ahead of the draft.