Keegan Murray with the 5th overall pick

Keegan Murray reminds me a lot of Danny Granger. For one thing, there shots are very similar as is their shooting ability. Murray is also a legit 3pt threat. The Pacers need more good shooters. They have enough guys that can score, now they need legit shooters. Murray might not be quite the defender that Granger was, but he still put up some numbers.

I remember first watching Murray and thinking I was watching Granger. He's gotten comps to Otto Porter, which isn't bad either.


You can see Granger's growth from Sophmore to Senior in terms of shooting and defense. The thing that impresses me about Murray is that he averaged more points as a Soph than Granger did at any point in college and had a super low TO rate of 1.1.

Murray is not only really good, but has the potential to get even better. He also fills a huge need at SF. Also, I think Ivey is a pipe dream at this point.

Who all do you want at 5?