So let's talk about the lotto

As it stands right now the Pacers will have the fifth spot in the 2022 NBA draft lottery, so let's talk about some odds:

10.5 10.5 10.6 10.5 2.2 19.6 26.7 8.7 0.6


So a 10.5 percent chance at the number one pick and a 26.7% chance at #7 pick. Reality check: So exactly how many times in the modern era has the 5 gotten the number 1 pick?

1991 Charlotte Hornets 26–56 (5th-worst) 7 (out of 66) 10.61%

1995 Golden State Warriors 26–56 (5th-worst) 94 (out of 1000) 9.40%

2002 Houston Rockets 28–54 (5th-worst) 89 (out of 1000) 8.90%

2006 Toronto Raptors 27–55 (5th-worst) 88 (out of 1000) 8.80%

2010 Washington Wizards 26–56 (5th-worst) 103 (out of 1000) 10.30%

Since 1985 5 teams in the fifth worst slot have hit the lotto, those are encouraging odds!

So what happens if the Pacers beat the odds and hit number 1?

Most of the sims that i could get to work(tankathon) had the Pacers taking Chet Holmgren if we landed the #1 and only snagging Jabari Smith if we landed the second pick. We don't need another freaking center unless the front office decides to trade away all the ones we have now. i just don't see that happening. On the slight chance we do land #1 pick please please take the guy this team needs.....Jabari