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Pacers trade Caris LeVert to Cavaliers prior to game in Cleveland

The Pacers and Cavs agreed to a deal before the opening tip.

Orlando Magic v Indiana Pacers Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images

The Indiana Pacers have officially started their trek down a new path by trading guard Caris LeVert to the Cleveland Cavaliers for Ricky Rubio’s expiring contract and picks, as Woj first reported and then Rick Carlisle confirmed in his pre-game media session.

LeVert and Carlisle were meeting in Cleveland and they spoke with Chad Buchanan on the phone about the pending deal, so the Pacers were able to tell him before the deal was closed and Woj bombed.

Carlisle heaped praise on the class individual and player that LeVert is and how much he will miss working with him. Appears, the team and player parted on good terms, considering LeVert is now in a situation in which he’ll play on a playoff contender in the East.

Carlisle also mentioned, as tough as the emotional part of losing Caris is for the team, it does set them franchise on a path forward to where they want to go. Now we’ll see if they take any more steps in that direction before the trade deadline on Thursday.

UPDATE: Woj reported on the pick details which includes the Pacers adding a second round pick, but picking up two second round picks from the Cavs.