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Top Five Pacers Moments of 2022

Pacers Podcast

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images

On today’s episode of the Indy Cornrows podcast, Mark and Caitlin look back at how much has changed for the Pacers since the beginning of the calendar year to now, with each selecting their top-five moments of 2022.


  • The rookies contributing as mainstay rotation players
  • The franchise’s change in approach to team-building (maybe?)
  • Already winning as many clutch games as last season
  • Reliving the trade deadline
  • The vibes from the last five games
  • More

Enjoy the pod and Happy New Year! We hope you enjoy the day, enter the new year with hope, excitement, joy, surrounded by those you love and care about, and have an even better outlook in 2023 than you did this past year. We appreciate you all and your support. As always, please be sure to Rate and Review the Indy Cornrows Podcast on Apple Podcasts and subscribe anywhere else you can listen!