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Answering listener questions about the Pacers through 25 games

Pacers podcast

Washington Wizards v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

On today’s episode of the Indy Cornrows podcast, Mark and Caitlin dig deep into the mailbag, answering listener questions about the Pacers at the quarter mark of the season.

Segment 1: All things Pacers

  • Is it time to reduce T.J. McConnell’s minutes?
  • Should Andrew Nembhard be playing more minutes at back-up point guard?
  • If Tyrese Haliburton was more assertive early, would that help with the slow starts?
  • Is Haliburton being too unselfish during closing time?
  • Last season, Haliburton converted 58 percent of his non-restricted area twos compared to 36 percent this season, how concerning is that drop-off?
  • Who will be most affected in the guard rotation when Chris Duarte returns? What should his role be moving forward?
  • What’s contributed to Bennedict Mathurin’s recent struggles? Are defenses preparing him for better? What’s his playmaking ceiling? Has he shown any improvement on defense?
  • Would extending Myles Turner make trading Buddy Hield less likely?
  • What are the team’s biggest needs roster-wise heading into the trade deadline window?
  • If three players on the roster had to be traded, regardless of return, who should be moved and why?
  • What, if anything, has been notable about Kendall Brown during his recent non-garbage time minutes by comparison to preseason?
  • How close is Isaiah Jackson to a potential breakthrough season? Should he be further along in his development?
  • How sustainable is Myles Turner’s early play? How good of a screener is he? Is he the right match at center for Tyrese Haliburton and Bennedict Mathurin?
  • Do the Pacers have a draft type?
  • How close is the defense to working?
  • Of the teams who currently have a top-four seed in either conference, which of them would the Pacers have the best chance of beating in a seven-game series?

Segment 2: General Basketball

  • What are the components of generating rim pressure? What actually generates it? Does volume or ferocity (perception) affect it more than finishing percentage?
  • Outside of the pick-and-roll, what is the most important action to be able to stop in basketball?

Segment 3: Miscellaneous Fun

  • What is the best non-frozen dessert?
  • What is the best tortilla chip?
  • If three members of the current Indiana Pacers had to be enlisted for a Stranger Things-esque adventure, who should be selected?
  • If the Pacers starters were Gilmore Girls characters, who would they each be?
  • What Outshine flavor best represents each of the starting five for the Pacers?

Enjoy the pod and special thanks to everyone who sent in questions! As always, if you haven’t already, please be sure to Rate and Review the Indy Cornrows Podcast on Apple Podcasts and subscribe anywhere else you can listen!