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Pacers break seal on Kroger Sky Deck at Gainbridge Fieldhouse

The Pacers continue to reveal renovations at the Fieldhouse.

The Pacers didn’t tell anyone, but they had a soft open for the Kroger Sky Deck on Friday night and drew several fans to the SRO deck (with some seats to belly up to the bar) behind the retired numbers on the west upper deck of the Fieldhouse.

This is one of several upgrades around the Fieldhouse which had to wait through COVID and supply chain issues, mainly for elevator access to be ADA compliant. But until the official opening the viewing deck is in a ‘soft open’ phase available to fans via a staircase near section 226 while the finishing touches are put on to formally open the area.

The space is quite big and will eventually have video screens, as well as refreshments available to fans. Check out the video below for a look at the lower level of the KSD. There is also another level above with lots of room to enjoy the game, along with some food and drink, with a group of friends.

The space is available to fans with regular tickets for now and will officially open later in December, but I can envision a time when they will be able to sell SRO access when the Fieldhouse is otherwise full. Consider a bright and shiny future when this area will be a great option for fans to get in the door of an otherwise sold out Gainbridge Fieldhouse for an NBA Finals game.