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Pacers Podcast: Stung by Charlotte

Discussing the Pacers’ drubbing, draft philosophy, new directions, and takeaways

Charlotte Hornets v Indiana Pacers Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

With the Pacers being on the wrong side of history after scoring 126 points and still losing by 32 to the Charlotte Hornets on Wednesday, Mark and Caitlin recap what went wrong on defense (did anything go right?) and assess how embarrassed the team should be.


  • Remember when the Pacers had a 23-point lead over the Hornets in the season opener? That was a thing that happened.
  • Reactions to Goga Bitadze being assigned to Cody Martin
  • Was this the low point of the season?
  • Having honest expectations for a bad team and young players
  • Process Pacers
  • What’s Herb Simon going to say?
  • Draft Philosophy: What would you do with a top 5 pick?
  • Taking the podium
  • More

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