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SBN Reacts: Who deserves their first All-Star nod?

While the Pacers are going in the wrong direction, teams on the rise will likely add new faces to the NBA All-Star game.

Memphis Grizzlies v Indiana Pacers Photo by A.J. Mast/NBAE via Getty Images

The latest SB Nation NBA Reacts survey results are out with a general NBA question which asked fans: Which potential first-time NBA All-Stars are most deserving?

The results are in and not too surprising, at least at the top with Ja Morant being the face of the Memphis Grizzlies who closed like champs on Thursday to pull away from the Timberwolves for their 11th consecutive win.

Here are the top five in voting.

Certainly some surprising names among the group, but not when you consider team success. To the victor goes the spoils and when a team like the Cavs or Hornets do more winning than losing, and even more important, more winning than anyone expected, then All-Star consideration is given to the players making those wins happen.

Domantas Sabonis benefited from this mindset the past couple of years and while Domas has looked the part of an All-Star for much of the year, particularly of late, the Pacers current struggles will make third All-Star nod a struggle for the Pacer big man.

Darius Garland on the other hand has been so important to running things in Cleveland and but may not get over the All-Star hump after missing a stretch of games. But the case is easy to make after watching his impact on the Cavs who are currently sixth in the East.

Who do you think deserves their first All-Star nod? Let us know in the comments below, and go here to sign up for SB Nation Reacts if you want to participate more!

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