A white/Amr. natives advice on Covid vaccines to a lot of black sports stars

Look everybody that gives a shit knows that black people have been experimented on medically throughout the history of this nation. They have every reason to be skeptical of any mandated vaccine. But that time is long past, the proof is in and you all have to get vaccinated. Who(in the realm scheme of things) gives a rat's ass about you being sick and out causing this team or that to have a worse record. This is your damn life we are talking about...make sure you understand that...this is life or death. Sure sure you hear stories about vaccinated folks getting the virus...but back up the truck don't hear about vaccinated people dying from Covid, because that's what the vaccine keeps it from killing you.

Look Covid is not the regular flu, sure both make you sick, but Covid does serious damage to your heart, lungs and blood vessels. It breaks down the structures in those vessels and turns them into mush. That's why peoples lungs just fill up with fluids and they die, that's why they die of heart related failures, this is not a cold it is a deadly virus. Quit fucking around and listening to fools that haven't studied this! Get the damn vaccines...NOW!

Every person that gets Covid produces 10 billion copies of the virus, that is 10 BILLION CHANCES at a mutation that is more deadly spreading out into the population and killing all of us, vaccinated or not. This "new" "experimental" technology that all these fools are touting as the reason to not take was developed in the early 60's...yeah it's been around for 60 freaking years...sure there was a rush to arm it to take out Covid virus which took several years....but even that research had been going on for a decade or more...because viruses like this have been on the radar of scientist(and drug companies) for a very long time...remember the bird flu? This is not a new experimental technology it has been slowly developed for 50 years or more, the only thing that was new was exactly the makeup of the virus it was targeted to.

People....brothers...everyone(that includes sisters too) get this damn vaccine now, do not wait, do not die from catching it. I don't have an investment in any of these drug companies and while i want you all to be alive to vote in 22 and 24 to defend democracy from this fascist plague...THAT IS NOT THE REASON I SAY THIS.

i want you to live