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Warren and Sumner Injuries

Pacers Podcast

Indiana Pacers v Washington Wizards Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

Happy Friday Pacers fans, I hope you’ve enjoyed your week and you’re ready to cap it off today headed into the weekend!

After a pair of devastating blows to TJ Warren and Edmond Sumner in subsequent days, Caitlin Cooper and I came together to discuss the impact for the individuals, how their injuries impact team outlook, and future implications.

Foremost, our thoughts are with TJ and Ed. TJ’s prognosis is fairly unclear, but you feel for him at a personal level not having played in nearly a year. For Ed, this is extremely tough. He put together his first consistent non-injury riddled stretch of his career last season and watching his confidence and game grow was special. Hopefully his recovery goes well and he can get right again, because he deserves some luck and good fortune after how his career has started.

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