Ben Simmons

Some of my thoughts:

  • I don't think the 76ers can find a trade partner for Simmons in a normal 2-team trade. Whenever Simmons gets traded, I think it will be through a 3-team (or more) trade;

  • A bunch of trades and FA were signed in this offseason. I doubt Simmons will be traded before a lot of the trade restrictions are lifted, so I think he will be traded during the season, like it happened with Harden;

  • According to Jon Krawczynski (The Athletic): "As training camps approach, one would think the Simmons-Sixers situation could reach an inflection point. Few believe that Simmons wants to be in Philadelphia. Even fewer believe that him being introduced in the starting lineup at Wells Fargo Arena when the regular season begins is a productive situation. But those around the NBA say that if there is one GM who will ignore the noise and try to push forward until he gets what he wants, it is Morey.". So it's very likely that Morey won't trade Simmons at cents on the dollar;

  • Unless Simmons decides to go crazy and do what Harden and Butler did, something that I think it's very unlikely, the chances of him being traded for cents on the dollar are very small. The 76ers have a great team and can afford to have him out for a bunch of regular season games until they get a good offer;

  • Something to consider about Simmons is that despite the fact that he doesn't control his future, as he is under contract for 4 more seasons, there are quite a few rumors that he wants to go play for a team in California, so whomever trades for him might be facing a trade request from him in 2/3 years;

My trade idea:

Pacers: Simmons and Seth Curry

76ers: Hayward, Brogdon, Goga and 1st round pick (Indiana)

Hornets: Turner (or Sabonis), Lamb, Sumner and 2 2nd round picks (Indiana)

What would you guys offer for Simmons?

What are the teams that you think that could/should trade for Simmons?

What have you guys thought of the trade that I proposed?

When do you think Simmons gets traded?