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Pacers Podcast: State of the Eastern Conference

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The East looks better, are the Pacers?

Play-In Tournament - Charlotte Hornets v Indiana Pacers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

With free agency winding down, Mark and Caitlin teamed up to talk about how the Pacers, at least through the lens of the regular season, stack up against what appears to be an improving Eastern Conference. Also discussed, prior to the team-by-team breakdown of depth charts and tiers, is recent reporting on the possibility of staggering the Turner-Sabonis pairing and bringing the former off the bench.


  • Myles Turner as sixth man?!?
  • Beyond health, how can the Pacers improve with (largely) the same roster?
  • Will it matter in relation to the rest of the East?
  • Lukewarm takes on whether maintaining continuity (again!) was the “right” approach
  • More

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