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Myles Turner opened up on Instagram about his post-injury struggles

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Turner got real about his physical and mental health.

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat Photo by Issac Baldizon/NBAE via Getty Images

Myles Turner spent the last 18 games of what was already a tumultuous season for the Pacers sidelined with a partial tear of the plantar plate in his big toe — an injury which, according to the big man’s Instagram story around the time when Javale McGee was selected to Team USA as a replacement for Kevin Love, required continued maintenance and/or rehab into at least the early portion of the summer.

In revealing how much the injury affected both his mind and body over the last few months, Turner opened up about his struggles on Instagram and shared a before-and-after shot of what appears to now be a much more chiseled physique.

“Bout two months ago post injury I got mad depressed, started eating bad, drinking a bit too much and got up to 276 pounds,” Turner captioned the photos. “Small sacrifices! Cut out all the drinking, consistent with my diet workouts and mental health! Back down to 255 and feeling like myself again!”

Good on Turner, not only for taking care of his physical and mental health, but also for being vulnerable enough to share all of this. After all, just because Myles is a highly paid and highly talented athlete doesn’t mean he isn’t human, too. Injuries can take a lot out of anyone, let alone when your day-to-day work life requires you to be in peak physical form.

Overall, the most important thing, first and foremost, is that he prioritized his well-being and appears to be back on a healthy track, as evidenced by his recent meet-up with Rick Carlisle and workouts with fellow Texan and Reigning Most Improved Player, Julius Randle, but it’s also possible that his willingness to speak out, especially with his degree of platform, could help someone else who may be going through something similar.

Whatever the case, opening the door for honest introspection is always a good thing, and he appears to be the better from it.