Jinxing it

So i keep seeing all these headlines about the season starting soon and the NBA's return to normal. While i like pie in the sky as much as the next guy i gotta tell you this isn't going to happen. The way the 4th wave of Covid is spiking this winter will be twice as bad as last year. The under vaccinated states will be over run by the virus, their hospitals broken by the numbers. Their staff devastated by the deaths and the constant suffering. People will begin dying from normal issues because there is no room in the local hospitals. This time last year we had 40k new cases a day, yesterday we had 266k. Last years highest spike in cases was in Jan. , months away from now. This Delta variant is specing out to be 20% more deadly than normal Covid.

40% of the country has failed to have any vaccine shot, and a good 25% of the people have stated that they won't ever get a Covid vaccine shot. Masks have become a political football, further allowing spread and mutation of the virus(10 billion replications per person is a lot of chances at a new more dangerous variant). As we speak states are falling back into lock-downs and mask and vaccine mandates are appearing at many company's across the country. We aren't going back to normal. The NBA season is going to be worse off this year than last, they may try to have fans until things get out of hand and then require temp checks and vaccine passports for the few fans allowed in. Don't expect that to last though.

As much as i want to see normal back, until all of us are on the same page, doing our civic duty to protect children and those with medical conditions that can't get vaccinated and masking and avoiding large indoor gatherings, it just isn't going to happen folks......