I thought I'd see how many had watched the Netflix version of the Malice at the Palace?

I watched it last night and came away feeling a little bad for Jermaine and really bad for Reggie. O'Neal sort of feels like the Buck Weaver character in 8 Men Out. He maintains his innocence, and seems to be guilty by association, although he may be lucky his punch did not land directly, or he may have never seen the basketball court again, or possibly seen anything but the inside of a jail cell.

Those who spoke about the events, cite the beer toss. The dude who tossed it, came off as a douche, who was happy that Artest identified the wrong guy. I think they didn't delve enough into the "You can get your foul now" statement. 10 games into the season is not the time to send a message that you have already sent, via the ass kicking you just laid on your enemy. Maybe none of the players should have still been on the floor?

Steven Jackson seems quite satisfied with his role. He "represented".

Artest seems to have some real remorse that he cost his team a title. He also appears to still be troubled.

O'Neal's place in history, took a huge hit.

Reggie lost his last chance at a title.

It's a good watch, although as Hoosiers, we were already pretty familiar with much of the content.

Just curious about what others thought of the show?