Off season/trade/draft/free agency thread

Because I exclusively comment on our off season, then disappear for months, sometimes years at a time, I am returning on this beautiful July 4 to celebrate my independence by starting an open fan post thread thingy. Sorry, poorly coached Lithuanian men's national team or whatever it is we're currently talking about on IndyCornrows...I'm frankly more interested in the off season. Those who know me are shocked, I'm sure.

Also, kudos to small market Bucks (without their superstar) and small (big) market Suns with no superstars playing each other for the chip next week. I'm very interested. Hope Giannis can come back because otherwise I think it's a Phoenix mop up job, done in 5, maybe 6.

So what should we do? What trades should we make, if any? Who should we draft? Who should we pursue with our cap exceptions? Who should we re-sign? WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HOW WE SUPPOSEDLY OFFERED MALCOLM BROGDON FOR BEN SIMMONS? Like, why wasn't this a front page story? Was it just fake news Philly leverage? If so, we've been awfully quiet about it...

So we have a "win now" coach. We've been linked to a "win now" trade. We have a crappy non-lottery lottery pick (albeit in a great draft). We have a bevy of GREAT contracts. Does this all add up to us going after a star? If so, whom? McCollum, Porzingis, Simmons, Lillard, Beal, and Jaylen Brown are all needle moving, top(ish) tier guys (depending on how you feel about Porzingis) who have been mentioned in rumors. Are there some younger, or cheaper tier guys available? Rozier, Oubre (sign and trade), Christian Wood could all be available. Any interest?

Or do we stand pat? If so, how do we make "turbo" work? How good is LeVert? Can Brogdon and Sabonis guard anyone? Can Warren ever get back to bubble form? Honest question: are we gunning for a title or are we looking at the Hawks and thinking, yeah, that looks doable?

Post your ideas!