Open Letter to Chris Duarte

Welcome to Indiana man.

Let's be honest i hated your pick, but that's not on you. You can't help what age you are and only you know what your ceiling is. Your team mates don't care about any of that shit, they will judge you by how hard you are willing to work and what happens when they play with you. Indiana is a basketball state, we eat drink and sleep our basketball...we waited all year for this draft and instead of going younger with more potential(because we care about the future of this team) they took you. What is on you is to prove the haters wrong, to play your ass off when you get minutes and make us eat our other words ignore us until the whistle blows. Play your guts out, let the game come to you and feel us cheer you on. That's how we really feel, in game, big moments and you come through in the clutch. And there, we will hug you so close you won't be able to breathe. Welcome to Indiana and good luck.

a hater and one who hopes :)