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Myles Turner a not added to Team USA but a Genius on Jimmy Kimmel Live

The Pacers center continues working through the offseason while also having some fun in La La land.

Indiana Pacers v Miami Heat Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Pacers center Myles Turner had an interesting weekend dealing with some disappointing Team USA news while also having a fun segment he took part in for The Jimmy Kimmel Live Show air prior to the NBA Finals on ABC.

It appeared Turner may be in line to fill a much-needed rim protector role for Team USA after Kevin Love played garbage time minutes against Argentina and then decided to leave the team late last week which left a couple of openings thanks to COVID also rearing its ugly head again.

JaVale McGee was chosen as a replacement for a spot Turner was likely considered since both have been part of the Team USA program. Turner was never mentioned which made one wonder if he was still not 100 percent after missing the end of the season with a big toe injury on his right foot. Coincidentally (or not), Turner mentioned the toe in an Instagram story last week, so that leads to the assumption that he planned to keep working on his own while minimizing the impact on his toe.

That doesn’t mean Turner can’t have fun and he appeared to do so while making an appearance on The Jimmy Kimmel Show which aired in a special broadcast prior to Game 5 of the NBA Finals this past Saturday with comedian Anthony Anderson. In a “College Knowledge” bit, Turner teamed up with fellow Texas Longhorn, Mo Bamba as the tallest trivia team in history to take on Gonzaga’s Jalen Suggs and Joel Ayayi in a trivia contest.

The Horns hook ‘em and took the contest as Turner, a self-professed ‘nerd’ was able to flash his knowledge of the American flag, Amazon River, blue whales and photosynthesis. The winners were presented with Genius silk robes while the Zags had to wear Dumbass terrycloth robes.

Jalen Suggs’ stock may drop in the draft after this, showing he’s no Einstein when he was duped by one of the trick questions. Oops! At least he was quick on the trigger. Great stuff all around when you see these guys out of their comfort zone but bringing energy to create a fun segment.