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Jalen Johnson Deep-Dive with Aneesh Namburi

Pacers Podcast

Duke v Miami Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Happy Thursday evening folks! I hope you’re enjoying your week, preparing for an enjoyable weekend, and excited for the final stretch of basketball in the 2021 season as the NBA Finals wraps up over the next week.

We are continuing on with podcast and written deep dives of prospects that the Pacers are in range of picking with the 13th pick.

On today’s pod, I’m joined by Aneesh Namburi of Pro Insight to discuss the game of Jalen Johnson. Johnson is a frontcourt prospect who played part of the season at Duke before leaving the program for personal reasons. He’s an intriguing athlete with real upside and Aneesh and I had a great time diving into how he might translate to the league, the Pacers as a whole, and how he may impact the court on both ends.

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