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Player Reviews: Goga Bitadze, Myles Turner, Domantas Sabonis

Pacers Podcast — “The One,” Episode 5

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Providing a twist on the traditional nuts and bolts of end-of-season content, “The One” is a Pacers podcast series featuring one play, one number, and one over/under for every player on the roster that best summarizes or encapsulates that player’s season and/or future. For the second episode, Mark and Caitlin teamed up to react to each other’s picks for Goga Bitadze, Myles Turner, and Domantas Sabonis.

To make it easier to follow along and share your thoughts and picks in the comments, here’s the stats, lines, and clips for each player, albeit without context to avoid spoilers.

Goga Bitadze

One Play: Defensive Footwork

One Number: 33

One Over/Under: 33

Domantas Sabonis

One Play: fake UCLA, face-up

One Number: 14.6

One Over/Under: 39.0

Myles Turner

One Play: Pocket Pass

One Number: 97

One Over/Under: 18

With this being the finale episode, thanks to everyone who listened to, commented on, and interacted with Season 2 of this series. We had fun recording it and hope you enjoyed the break from your regularly scheduled Pacers turmoil, as the team approaches the draft lottery and begins conducting a search for the next head coach.

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