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Playoff Rose Ceremony

The Pacers are out of the playoffs: Deducing what three teams we’ll be most attentive to in the postseason

ABC’s “The Bachelor” - Season 25

Happy Saturday Pacers fans! The NBA playoffs are starting today and the consensus thought of each series is all over the place! While the Pacers are out of the playoffs for the first time since 14-15, there are still many fascinating teams to watch this postseason with exciting players, narratives, schemes, and more to take note of.

To spread some positivity and perhaps provide you a lens to look through if you’re still unsure of who you want to follow in the playoffs, Caitlin and I took to Zoom for a Bachelor/Bachelorette style Rose ceremony, choosing the three teams we are most looking forward to watching on our hometown dates, and selecting one team to give our final rose to.

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Enjoy the pod!