Trade Thoughts

Hello Friends,

I believe that the Pacers should consolidate their assets. I love Myles Turner as a person and player, but I think he will be the centre moved. Goga is better suited to fill Turner's role as a rim protector, rather than filling in for Sabonis' offensive facilitation. These are what I consider assets valuable to other teams that could be moved:

- Myles Turner, 2021 1st round pick, 2023 1st round pick (or 2022 & 2024, if you will)

I consider Brogdon, Sabonis, LeVert, Warren, J. Holiday, Goga, Sumner, Martin, & Brissett to be assets, as well, but for this exercise we will focus on Turner + 2 1st round picks. I don't think the Pacers should make a move just to change things up. Turner legitimately seems to like living in Indianapolis and is a legit, stand-up guy. It's awesome that his dad is so present at the games. You don't see that often, and I think it's a plus. That said, here is a list of players, with some potential to be available, that could potentially warrant going after with some combination of the assets above

- MIN: Karl-Anthony Towns

- SAC: De'Aaron Fox

- NO: Lonzo Ball

Towns would pair well with Sabonis as a considerably better perimeter shooter. Fox or Ball would give the Pacers another strong playmaking option at guard. Ball would require a sign and trade, and would presumably need to agree to come here (making this less likely to happen). Brogdon would be able to play off the ball more, as well.

C: Towns / Goga

PF: Sabonis / Brissett

SF: LeVert / Warren (or Doug?)

SG: Sumner / J. Holiday / Martin

PG: Brogdon / (TJ?) / A. Holiday


C: Sabonis / Goga

PF: Brissett / Warren

SF: LeVert / J. Holiday (or Doug?)

SG: Brogdon / Sumner / Martin

PG: Fox or Ball / (TJ?) / A. Holiday

The emergence of Sumner and Brissett makes things complicated at the guard and wing spots. They need to get minutes. It's crowded. I think Warren will ultimately return as a buckets machine as a 6th man off the bench. I think Sumner or Brissett are better fits in the starting lineup as glue guys who are willing to do what it takes to win, even if that means being overlooked sometimes. So much of this hinges on whether or not we believe Goga is ready for this role. Just some thoughts before the game tonight. If we bother to make a trade, though, it should be a splash -- not a move to add depth.