Just some thoughts

Probably none of this will ever happen....but i still want to throw these thoughts out there.

1) Someone needs to develop a micro thin layer device that can be worn by the players and the refs. You know does no air blockage but transfers a blow on a player, from one recorded player(just the #), to all the refs. So that when Sabo is in the lane all three refs feel exactly what is happening to him and by whom. So when Malcolm drives the lane each ref feels exactly the same thing he does and knows whom is hitting him. Sure the refs are going to get really tired of feeling exactly the same blows that the players do....but then that's the point really. And yeah it may go as badly against the Pacers as it helps...but someone is going to get tech-ed out of these games for trying to do damage to other players. And sure it will be abused...lots of guys will get thrown for inappropriate pinches and pats directed at female refs. But suddenly it won't be "I didn't see that" it will be "You nearly broke our arms...flagrant 1!!" Peoples careers are being ended right in front of our eyes and something has got to happen to change that....refs are not getting any more sensitive to what is going on inside those close areas of the paint...let's let them actually feel the pain maybe then they can make the right they stop feeling that pain. And if it is a flop...well the refs can laugh and say..."that wasn't contact i didn't feel anything".

2) That's just talk. Look i get it, guys are taught that we fans are just toxic waste. Don't read your social media they will just drag you down. Hater's gonna hate. i can't argue that nor can i draw the line between between utter bullshit and giving us as much transparency as possible. But there is a line, this PG style saying all the right dog whistles(I'm a Pacer) and under that just plain out lying to look good for the camera isn't going to fly. We "toxic" fans have had lots of experience with this dance too. Really? You thought we were buying's just a business crap? Thank you so much for doing after game pressers, it is really good(and enlightening) to get that spur of the moment reaction to what just happened....but can we get coach Burke back to be our translator? Someone who says it like it is.....who says "fuck no I'm not telling you that" when it is info that the enemy must not have(like they don't have it already huh?) and who calls it like it is when it is beyond the pale. player x "We just didn't come with energy to start the game" coach Burke "this guy is just exhausted and he has no gas left in the tank, he's being over played and coach Nate knows it but the FO is demanding wins and what can he do." player x "We need to go look at film on this" coach Burke "dude has reached the limit of his abilities, he is afraid to do more because the other teams know if they beat him to a pulp in the lane he will back off and go into a shell's pathetic I know but what can you do?" Please continue to try and meet this unrealistic expectation of ours, that our team will really talk to us cause they give a shit about their fans and yet maintain the needed wall between us and them. Just quit blowing smoke up our skirts huh? We weren't born yesterday so don't treat us all like we were...quit telling us we "just" didn't...and show up and show us that u are now. Quit saying oh looking at film will change this when it won't....don't tell us that us that u changed it in game.