Bald Faced Theft

If you can bend to one knee

and cause a child that's crying, to smile

with a kind word when your own heart is broken

If you can high five LeBron after a game he crushed you

because he's a man and you respect that

and turn away saying "i'ma fuckin get you next time"

and wink looking back to see his face

If you can go 0-10 in the first half

and score 35 on the night by braving

the clubbing in the lane and just your sheer grit

If you can throw the ball so high off the glass

that we all get nose bleeds watching

as it circles the rim and falls in

because of shooters touch

If you know where your feet need to be every second

and so well that it just happens instead of thinking

like dancing with that one girl

If you can be so angry that X said shit

you know isn't true and use that anger

to bludgeon Y into submission

and hug him afterwards

because you players and it's a game

business lifestyle you both lead

If you can hang your ego at the gym door

and shine like a star that burns so bright

and go home with nothing on your mind but your family

You my brother can be an NBA pro...for at least a few years...

health willing

apology to the man Kipling