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Domantas Sabonis added to NBA All-Star Game after Kevin Durant bows out

The Pacers big man has played big role for the Pacers this season, earing ASG recognition along the way.

NBA: All Star-Saturday Night Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports


Hope you survived the initial wave of hate lobbed at the selection of Domas Sabonis to replace Kevin Durant on the 2021 All-Star Game in Atlanta.

As the first replacement reserve (yes, this is an honor), many fans and media alike are touting the cases for Jimmy Butler, Fred Van Vleet, Trae Young and others. But don’t worry, the tidal wave of faux outrage will soon wash back out to sea and Sabonis will still be on the ASG roster, as announced on Thursday afternoon.

Sabonis has carried a heavy load for the Pacers throughout the challenging year that has had him in a variety of lineups all over the court while adjusting to new coach Nate Bjorkgren at both ends of the floor.

He has dominated many nights while also have some struggles of late, but considering where they Pacers would be without him this year makes you shudder. So a hearty congratulations to Domas for joining JO, Reggie, PG, Big Roy and Vic as a multi-year All-Star.

Don’t spend all of that ASG bonus money in one spot.