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Pacers remaining regular season schedule announced...for now

The NBA finally released the rest of the league schedule.

NCAA Basketball: Big Ten Tournament Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Pacers finally know the rest of the story or at least the rest of their regular season schedule for the 2020-21 season.

The Pacers are currently 15-14 with six games remaining on their pre-All-Star Game schedule which includes three postponed games (@Phoenix, @Houton, San Antonio). So to get to 72 games the Pacers have/will need to play 37 games in the post-ASG schedule which was released on Wednesday afternoon.

The late release was obviously due to all of the random postponements throughout the first half of the schedule with several in the last week, making the schedule makers play a bit of whack-a-mole to cover all of the variables and issue for the second half of the schedule.

Having done the best they can to date, it is hard to imagine there won’t be more issues to sort out over the next two months, so here is a link to the Pacers schdule...for now.

Games of note:

  • The Pacers open on the road for their last trip to the Pacific time zone to play the Lakers on March 12. Two days later they play in Denver before heading home. No more late tips on work/school nights!!!
  • The makeup against Phoenix, Houston and San Antonio do not appear on the schedule, so we’ll see if those games are worked in or if the league is going to have a cushion of game missed they will allow. Oof, that sounds like a mess. UPDATE: The postponed games are now on the schedule which means the initial roadie includes a game at Phoenix on Mar. 13 (yay, killer back-to-back on the road). Also, the Pacers will slide into Houston on Apr. 14 a day after playing the Clippers at home before going to Utah two days later (again, yay...). As for the home game with the Spurs, they will fill that the following Monday, Apr. 19 for another back-to-back after playing in Atlanta. To be fair, it is the tax season and these make ups will, indeed be taxing for the Pacers.
  • The Pacers have consecutive games against the Heat in Miami on March 19 and 21. Pre-pandemic that would be a disaster for any NBA team, but the South Beach Flu shouldn’t be a factor this year.
  • The Pacers have just three home games in the remainder of March while the NCAA Tournament is going on in Indy. Those games will be played on Wednesdays (Nets Mar. 17, Pistons Mar. 24, Heat Mar. 31) and then Friday, Apr. 2 the Pacers play the Hornets at home before the Final Four that Saturday.
  • The last weekend of the season has the Pacers playing a back-to-back on May 15 and 16 with the Lakers in town on on May 15 and the regular season closing against the Raptors in Tampa, which if things continue as they are could be a meaningful game for Eastern Conference positioning.

What other games of note do you see on the updated schedule? Please share your thoughts in the comments.