An Open Letter Apologizing For My Gender

and by this i mean myself if i have offended you. Men can be real jerks and some of us are more concerned with notches on our belts than that face in the mirror in the morning. But here's the thing...most of us are not like that...and some of us respect the hell out of women. That's what is important, that you never see yourself as lesser in any way. If one of us offends you.... tell us? "Damn dude why you have to come off with that take like you're trying to make me out as a fool"?....remember you are among friends in this forum. Sure there is going to be bad apples from time to time....but tell us...we can help sort them right out?

i always wondered why your never in the game threads...i guess i know's our(the members of this forum and men in general) loss. i can not speak to what your experience as a woman is, i never will be able to know that. But if some idiot sends you a dick pic, please feel sorry for that fool because that's a sad excuse for a human being. Sure be safe in what ever form that takes for you, i understand that, but get out here and mix it up with us we need your strong important input. Now i have made some possible negative remarks to you about your writing but that isn't because i don't respect you or your work....because i do. i am crushed that i can't direct message you on twitter though....sniff snifff. :)

You have made your way down to the cross roads and that devil is standing there offering you a bad deal for your future. Damn girl grab that deal up and make your way in this world and laugh at him in the bargain...or go home and miss your chances. If that horse throws you off don't lay there in the dirt crying, get the hell up and back in the saddle again. You do have people,call us friends, of both genders that support you and will stand with you...but this is sports. Get in here and mix it up with us? We can knock heads...can't we?

i have been doing what i call "writing" for a long time, it's a hard game and you have to be damned thick skinned to play. So yeah i will make remarks when i think it might help you...but i can be wrong and you can always tell me to sod off. i won't be offended...i'm a big boy and i got my big boy pants on ...i can take it. whaaaaaaaaa:)

Come on don't let some idiots stop you from being you and doing what you love...and that was a great podcast. Thank you.