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SBN Reacts: Fans thankful for competitive NBA

Do you agree with SB Nation NBA Reacts results for Thanksgiving week?

Los Angeles Lakers v Indiana Pacers Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

The latest SB Nation NBA Reacts survey results are out with a general NBA question fitting for Thanksgiving week. Here are the results.

These results were compiled before the Lakers brought their whine show to the Fieldhouse on Wednesday night. No doubt, surveyed Pacers fans would have added more votes for the Lakers after that mess. Regardless, the competitive balance and new rules make for additional tough choices. This is the rare reacts survey that needs an ‘all of the above’ option.

You could argue the rules changes have helped with competitive balance by leveling out some of the superstar treatment on the offensive end. Of course, superstars can still just point fans out to be tossed with no questions asked, but the on the court product relies more on playing through contact than being a free throw contest which forces the talented players to make plays to score instead of trying to make plays to get fouled.

The Pacers have been on the wrong end of the competitive balance and the early tough schedule certainly has played a role. But this year, the “easy” part of the schedule is not so easy with just a small handful of teams with little interest in winning.

What are you most thankful for? Let us know in the comments below, and go here to sign up for SB Nation Reacts if you want to participate more!

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