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Pacers latest ‘City Edition’ uniforms now available

Time to cop the latest Pacers ‘City Edition’ uniform.

The latest version of the Pacers ‘City Edition’ uniforms are on sale now just in time to meet your holiday and/or personal shopping needs.

Those jerseys, shorts and more gear are now live and you can buy here directly.

“This year’s Nike NBA City Edition Uniforms help fuel the celebration of the league’s 75th anniversary season,” says Aaron Cain, VP/GM, Men’s, at NIKE, Inc. “Each uniform tells a story, juxtaposing old and new to create an unforgettable look and feel for this milestone season.”

The Pacers jersey is heavily influenced by the 1980’s and 90’s mixed tape era which is captured in great detail by merging the iconic elements of the team’s most popular jersey from that time with the Pacers name bringing back memories of Chuck Person and early Reggie Miller to the Flo Jo homage reminding us of prime Uncle Reg and the Davis brothers.

Other subtle details from old Pacers logo to the ‘Boom Baby’ tag which offers a nod of respect to Bobby “Slick” Leonard and the championship history of the early Pacers teams. The team appropriately ran past the New York Knicks wearing the new ‘City Edition’ jerseys a couple of weeks ago, bringing back memories of the monster matchups between those teams in the ‘90’s.

Once again, you can buy one of these jerseys or shorts or BOTH here, while they are still available. Get yours while you can.