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Pacers Podcast: 1-4 Start and a Disappointing Loss to the Toronto Raptors

Recapping last night’s game and checking the temperature of the Pacers

Indiana Pacers v Toronto Raptors Photo by Mark Blinch/Getty Images

After an absolutely lackluster night against the Toronto Raptors, Tom Lewis and I convened to discuss the state of the team.

After signing Rick Carlisle to a massive contract in the off-season without much roster turnover, this team was viewed as ripe to build off of continuity and progress under a new coach. That hasn’t been the case to start the year.

Injuries have hampered the team to start the year with both Caris LeVert and TJ Warren out, as well as unfortunate injuries to Malcolm Brogdon and Isaiah Jackson in last night’s loss. Despite that, the team has lost winnable games and was out of sync and disengaged against the Raptors.

Domantas Sabonis struggled, but he was drawing 3 and sometimes 4 to the ball when he got touches in the paint. The movement off the ball was bland, turnovers were abundant, the gameplan was rough through and through.

Discussed on the Pod:

  • Myles Turner benched again
  • Turnovers in abundance
  • Injuries suffered in the game
  • What is up with the vibes of the team?
  • DEFCON level after 5
  • and much more

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