Fences Swing?

Let me start by saying that I am not a frequenter of Indy Cornrows. I moved away from Muncie for the shores of NC, going on 7 years ago. As you know, the Pacers are not exactly a media, or national TV darling, so I see very few games.

I'm still an oft commenter on the Colts, as I figured out how to get their games, although after the fact. Being around .500 and getting tossed in the first round of the playoffs are a fear of the Colts, and for the reason of "turning into the Pacers".

I also am a longtime baseball fan, and love trade talk. It seldom materializes in the NFL, and rarely goes the way I expect it to in the NBA, but that is not going to stop me from tossing this out there as a way for the Pacers to shed the mediocrity label, one way or the other.

So, there are two stars that are available for two different reasons. Simmons because he doesn't want to be in Philly, and Irving, because the team wants their players to play more than half their games. Let's just go get them both?

Offer Miles for Simmons. I know it takes more than Miles, but I wouldn't think much more at this point? Someone is going to get him, so why not us? While you are on the phone, offer Brogden for Irving. The Nets may just hop on an all-star level player, who doesn't miss much time, and from all indications, seems sane.

It wont happen, and if it did, it could blow up in your face. But, maybe that is not the worst thing in the world? If both players are the negative influence that they currently are, you can finally be bad enough to escape having the 1#the pick in the draft. At least you went down swinging and who knows, a lineup of Irving, Simmons, Sabonis, Huarte, and whoever, might just gel into something worthy of prime time TV.

I'm generally wrong on this kind of shit, but it doesn't stop me from slinging it.