Malcolm Brogdon Deep Dive

Every once in a while I try to take a deeper look at a certain aspect of a player that interests me and today it was Malcolm Brogdon's shot selection. I was rewatching the Raptors game from yesterday this morning and wanted to take a look at how it was changing, because it felt like, as it has all season, that he had really cut down on his deep 2's. Cleaning the Glass is one of the best in the business at breaking down some of these statistics so all of these stats not otherwise denoted come from there.

Brogdon’s first season in Indiana he was shooting 22% of his total shot attempts from deep mid-range, which falls in the 92nd percentile for PG’s. This year, he is down to 13% from long-range 2 while keeping his shooting percentage basically constant from that area.

He also has increased his 3p% from 33% to 40%, though last year was very much a down year for him, as his averages in Milwaukee typically ended around the 40% clip he's at right now. Not only that, but this year shows a marked increase in 3-pointers attempted. Each year he has increased his 3PA, but this year he has taken a larger jump than ever before going from 4.3 to 7 attempts per game. (per NBA Stats)

In summary, he seems to be replacing his deep two's with threes and both his mid-range and three-point shooting percentages have increased. For me, the only concerning statistic for him shooting-wise is that since he has joined the Pacers, he has averaged 51% and 48% at the rim, both of which are below the 40th percentile for PG’s. However, with the way that he is playing, I can certainly live with that. I also recognize that some of this is common knowledge, or something we've all seen from just watching the games, I personally love being able to put some substance behind the eye test so maybe this was insightful for someone else as well.