Wear and Tear?

A lot of the NBA community has focused on the Knicks' RJ Barrett and Julius Randle and the huge amount of minutes they are averaging. However, a duo with even higher averages that's been under the radar outside of the Pacers community are Malcolm Brogdon and Domantas Sabonis. (per NBA stats) Brogdon averages the second highest minutes per game in the league while Domantis averages the fourth most. Especially on a night like tonight, where Sabonis went down and we're still unsure what it will come to, I wonder if the heavy load he's bearing contributed in any way to increasing his vulnerability to injury.

When asked before the game today, Nate Bjorkgren said "I like the minutes right where they are. I think it's important how I manage them when we don't play." (per Scott Agnes on Twitter) I, like many, have loved the direction Bjorkgren seems to be taking this team, but I worry about the longevity and health of the team past this regular season and into the playoffs. There are obviously tradeoffs though, as an 8-9 man rotation is more typical once the playoffs start and we want those guys to be as comfortable playing with each other as possible.

Is this something you see changing as the season progresses, and if so, out of choice or necessity? Or if it is something that persists is that something that should be concerning?