Home Team

One of the things i have always loved about the Pacers is their hard nosed home record. They have always defended the home court ferociously. At the time of this writing the team is 5 and 5 at home. I'm sorry but this will not do!

Yes try new things and get lots of run for developing players but win at home....defend your territory to the last breath. Perhaps there are so many new faces here that the lunch pail mentality has gone out the window, lost to the cavalcade of new faces. Maybe there are no players left over from the blue collar days but the history of this franchise runs deep and someone needs to resurrect that gut feeling that no one beats this team at home. Hickory uniforms are not just cloth and marketing, there is something more there and that something seems sadly lacking from this crop of Pacers.

New Nate needs to dig deep, study the history of this franchise...what makes it tick. And then find a way to instill that moxie into the players he has.