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The Indiana Pacers Off-Season Prospectus

A Podcast series with some fantastic minds to gear you up for the coming months

Malcolm Brogdon Signs with Indiana Pacers Photo by Ron Hoskins/NBAE via Getty Images

As the Pacers season came to a close, I wanted to do something different while the NBA creeps toward the off-season.

I introduce the Pacers Off-Season Prospectus:

Episode 1 with J Michael - A general breakdown of the Pacers off-season, what we may see happen, what’s unfolding in the front office?

Episode 2 with Mo Dakhil - Discussing the nuances of coaching as well as how new systems may be implemented to the team. Can you get a good read on an assistant’s abilities to be the head coach?

Episode 3 with Tony East - Diving into the trade market. What players on Indy may be traded? What’s their trade value? How active may the Pacers be and who could the reasonably look to trade for to improve the roster?

Episode 4 with Dave Searle - The Victor Oladipo Conversation. What does the team do moving forward?

Episode 5 with Jackson Frank - Discussing the ins and outs of the Sabonis & Turner front court. What does their future hold and what are the merits/demerits of each player in their current roles as well as others?

Episode 6 with Mike Prada - How the Pacers can go about maximizing the current roster as well as improving from outside talent. Where is the team headed?

I’m really excited to release this to all of you, I wanted to take some time to gather thoughts and reach out to some people I really look up to and respect. They all brought their A game and made for some great conversation and collaboration.

I would love and appreciate your feedback and thoughts on the series as well as how you like this format! Feel free to listen out of order, but there is a general order to how things are set.

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Enjoy the pods!