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Could the Pacers trade Victor Oladipo for Brad Stevens?

The NBA silly season is here so let’s go all in.

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Boston Celtics v Indiana Pacers - Game Three Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

The Boston Celtics didn’t have the goods at crunch time during their Eastern Conference final series against the Miami Heat, finally losing on Sunday evening.

Within hours, speculation on how the C’s would move forward with their young, talented roster to try to make that next step could be read. One such post-mortem piece by Jared Weiss at The Athletic, mentioned the Pacers as part of the go-forward options.

Sources saying Vic wants out of Indiana which is hardly news and at this point and news that someone on the Pacers’ side is letting it be known. Regardless, Vic and Hayward are in similar situations, both surviving major injuries and looking like they could return to normal(ish) while heading into the final year of their respective contracts.

The main difference is, Hayward’s contract is much more costly at around $34 million and his age makes extending him at a lighter salary more reasonable. Well, at least for reasonable people which may not include Hayward’s agent.

Vic, however wants star money which is why he wants out of Indy. Unfortunately, the NBA salary cap doesn’t allow players to be paid for past performance when the future remains iffy. But the Celtics really covet Myles Turner and the thought of throwing in Turner to make salaries work with a few late first-round picks is a bit much, no?

I get that a Celtics’ reporter wants to create the best scenario possible, but the Pacers finished 3.5 games behind the C’s in the standings and ahead of the Heat. They aren’t trying to donate assets that would really help a team they are competing with and I think Myles would do that with the other players the C’s have. Oh, and Myles have a favorable contract, check that VALUABLE contract that would further help.

Even if the C’s threw in Romeo Langford and Carsen Edwards for the ultimate Indiana PR pu pu platter, unloading Vic and Myles in this circumstance would not be great short of a Hayward contract extension that was half of his current deal. Even then a bit of a stretch.

Jaylen Brown would be the player I’d covet if the Pacers are blowing it up so big, but if we really want to have some fun, how about looking at Brad Stevens.

Coaches have been traded before and if the C’s want to treat Vic or Myles as a throw in, how about they throw in Stevens to fill the Pacers biggest need at the moment. I’ve seen plenty of fans and media criticizing the local legend so maybe there wouldn’t be too much resistance.

Sadly, I think Danny Ainge is too smart for that, but if we’re all throwing out major trade scenarios, why not cook up a deal that favors the Pacers over the long term.

What deal with the Celtics would you consider over the offseason?