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Pacers, NBA draft prep begins soon with revamped NBA Draft Combine

The offseason is in full swing for the Pacers and next week analyzing draft prospects kicks into high gear.

2018 NBA Draft Combine - Day 1 Photo by Jeff Haynes/NBAE via Getty Images

The Pacers are in the midst of an extensive coaching search which seems to continue expanding rather than contracting at this point. No doubt, we will soon be hit with a surprise announcement, but until then other aspects of the offseason progress.

Ryan Carr and his scouting group are focused on the NBA draft which is slated for Wednesday, Nov. 18. With the 54th overall pick late in the second round, it seems like a tough task to mine the large pool of possible players who could be a diamond in the rough or more likely a limited player who will struggle to make the roster.

However, the Pacers are altering their course with a new coach and that could very well include a trade or two which would bring back a higher draft pick or two in the process. They will still need to get to know all of their options in the draft which will be unique this year as the league adjusts to handle pandemic protocols.

The NBA announced on Wednesday that their NBA Draft Combine 2020 will allow far less in-person evaluation of draft prospects while utilizing technology to generate profiles of players for teams to share.

Starting on Monday (Sept. 28) thru Oct. 16, teams can interview players via videoconference. OK, the player can talk, but can he play? Oh, and how about that wingspan.

Instead of gathering in Chicago for the on-court work, agility tests and various measurements and medical tests, each player will report for an individual workout at the NBA facility closest to their home. Those teams hosting prospects for workouts won’t be able to watch or talk to the players.

The league will utilize the HomeCourt app to record the players workout and gather data on various parts of a player’s game, like shooting mechanics and proficiency. This app was a pandemic buy for me back in March which I used with my son for fun. It is impressive, although tough when trying to set up on the ground or without someone holding it. Fortunately, the league won’t have any issues getting the camera angles right and then gathering info.

All of the player info will be added to Combine HQ, a program which will allow teams to compare players to other players whether from the current draft or past drafts. A video for each prospect to go along with the data will be available to teams.

Certainly not perfect since teams like to put their unique spin on the process. The announcement does not specifically state that individual workouts closer to the draft will not occur. This leaves the option open for updated policies that allow teams more access closer to the draft.

It’s 2020 and even the NBA Draft process is day-to-day, subject to change at any moment, but for now, the work begins in earnest next week.

For giggles, here’s a quick list of mock draft picks for the Pacers: